Activity grant reports

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Danida Fellowship Centre would like to support you to stay in touch and join forces with other alumni members, as part of exploring ways for you to continue making a positive impact in your community and/or professional field. We also wish for you to maintain and strengthen your relations with Denmark and to continue being an ambassador for Denmark. Organizing events with and for Danida alumni in your region is a great way to further develop your professional network, including to encompass relevant Danish stakeholders.

We therefore offer activity grants 2 - 3 times a year for members of the Danida Alumni Network as well as of the local alumni network in your country (if such exist). Eligible alumni activities fall into the following categories (note that while category 1 activities can stand alone, category 2 and 3 activities must also include category 1):

  1. Activities or events that strengthen the local alumni community
  2. Activities  that promote networking and collaboration between your country and Denmark
  3. Activities  that promote sustainable development by addressing one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals

The latest call for grant applications can be found in the News section

For inspiration, you can access all approved reports from past alumni activity grants by following the sub-links in the left-hand menu.