Activity grant reports

Science for girls in Ghana
Sharing knowledge and transforming knowledge into action is essential for finding sustainable solutions to the global challenges facing us today. However, it does not happen by itself. It requires consorted effort and change makers to transform knowledge into action.

As a member of the Danida Alumni Network, you are part of a unique global network of skilful professionals trained in Denmark, by Danish institutions of higher education, with a common goal to contribute to sustainable global development. Together with your fellow alumni, you have the skills and knowledge that can bring about change and make a positive impact in your community and/or professional field of expertise.

Danida Fellowship Centre therefore offer activity grants 2 - 3 times a year to alumni, who are accepted as members of the global Danida Alumni Network as well as of the local Danida/Denmark Alumni Network in your country (if there is one). You can find an overview of established networks here.

You can apply for a grant with financial support of up to 9,000 Danish Kroner for an alumni activity or event with the aim of:

  1. Promoting knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration within or across sectors/disciplines
  2. Promoting sustainable development by addressing one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals
  3. Strengthening the local alumni network
  4. Promoting knowledge into action initiatives targeted and benefitting the general public, special interest groups, or local communities.

It should be observed that all Danida activity grant activities must target aim 1, 2 and 3, whereas aim 4 is optional.

The latest call for grant applications can be found in the News section 

For inspiration, you can access all approved reports from past alumni activity grants by following the sub-links in the left-hand menu.