How to start a local Danida/Denmark Alumni Network

Starting a local Danida or Denmark Alumni Network is a considered process that can take several months to complete and relies on a commitment to the values of democracy, inclusivity and transparency in every step of the journey.

If you're interested in starting a local alumni network in your country, the 8 steps below may provide a helpful starting point: 

  1. To be approved as an official Alumni Network affiliated with Danida Fellowship Centre, the network must have at least 20 Danida alumni members (in addition to Denmark alumni if included in the network) and with open membership for all Danida alumni in your country. Note that to be eligible to apply for e.g. AGM grant, and be invited for the annual local network representatives meeting hosted by DFC, your network must have been active for a year and have arranged minimum two alumni activties.  
  2. Find other enthusiastic Danida alumni: together you will form a working group/initial coordinating team to facilitate the development of a local alumni Network. Find potential members of your Danida Alumni Network through the Danida Alumni Directory click here (only open for Danida Alumni Network members) as well as via the closed Danida Alumni Network groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
  3. Define the alumni network's objectives and membership criteria.
  4. Develop an initial action plan that focuses on recruitment of members and activities that can be explored and expanded.
  5. Contact the Danish embassy in your country (if there is one), inform them of your plans and invite them to become a partner. You may want to explore the opportunity for co-hosting a first alumni gathering or local alumni network launch event with the embassy.
  6. Connect with an existing local Danida /Denmark alumni network to learn from their experience. You can find a list of contact details here. You may also want to reach out to other national alumni networks in your country, such as the local Holland Alumni Community or the local alumni network of the Swedish Institute, should these have been established where you are.
  7. Develop your local network’s Guiding Principles.
  8. Organise a network launch event or first alumni gathering to convene potential network members in order to: share your group’s work so far, gain additional input from others to inform the network’s purpose and activities and recruit additional members for the network’s first coordinating team/board. The launch events for the Danida Tanzania Alumni Network and the Burkina Danida Alumni Network may provide further inspiration.