Activity Guide & Toolbox

Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC) would like to stay in touch with all alumni, and also want to encourage alumni to come together and collaborate as part of collectively making a positive impact and driving change locally and globally. We also wish to further strengthen the existing relationship between alumni and Denmark. Organizing activities with and for alumni in your region is a great way of achieving this, whilst creating value for members of local Danida/Denmark alumni networks and for alumni and the wider network in general.

We have created this guide as a way of sharing tools, suggestions and ideas for you to draw inspiration from when planning activities and seeking to mobilise members of the Danida Alumni Network that may be local to your area. Follow the links below to read everything you need to know about planning an activity with and for fellow Danida alumni.

The ideas and possibilities for engaging your local alumni community and arranging activities are countless and certainly not limited to what we have included here. Feel free to contact us should you need further advice and guidance:

We hope that you find this guide useful.



If you have an idea for an activity we suggest that you find one or two other Danida Alumni and develop the proposal together. If a local Danida Alumni Network (DAN) has already been established in your country please contact the network in order to coordinate your activity with other alumni activities... Read more

Communication & Mobilization


Clear communication between members is critical to the effectiveness of an alumni network. Being able to quickly and efficiently distribute information will help a network keep its members informed and engaged... Read more



An activity between a group of Danida alumni or within a local network does not have to be expensive. It can cost as little as the price of transportation to a café or someone’s house if it is a small social activity or a dinner paid by partners... Read more