An activity between a group of Danida alumni or within a local alumni network does not have to be expensive. If it is a small social activity it can cost as little as a cup of coffee in a café or transportation to someone’s house, or – as was the case with the Nordic alumni event in Uganda - a dinner funded by partners and alumni.  

In order for them to be sustainable, local alumni network activities are in principle based on alumni ownership, commitment, voluntary efforts and co-financing. It is therefore not in DFC's interest to sponsor all activities, neither do we have the budget for it.

Limited funds (up to DKK 9000 per activity) are available in the form of Danida Alumni Activity Grants, for which we run a competitive process and announce calls for proposals 2-3 times a year. Note that neither accommodation costs nor travel expenses are eligible for funding and that only one third of the overall budget can be allocated to logistics and management. Read more here.

DFC highly encourages alumni to find alternative funding sources, such as alumni’s own contributions or co-funding from partners and relevant stakeholders.