Visual Identity (logo, banners etc.)

This section can be used by all members of the Danida Alumni Network, but it is most relevant to already established local alumni networks.

You are welcome to use the Danida Alumni Network logo in conjunction with the planning and delivery of alumni events and activities, but you must ensure that it employed in accordance with Danida Alumni Network’s visual identity.

You can find logo formats and other elements for use in invitations, presentation materials, logos etc in this toolbox.

We encourage you to include the official Danida Alumni Network/Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs banner in all formal or official communication regarding the network and its activities. See examples of how to use and make a banner in the following design examples; designexample 1, designexample 2.

Some local Danida networks have their own logo, which is a great way to establish a common identity. For inspiration, take a look at the logo for Danida Alumni Network Ghana (DAN-G) and the concept behind it.

If you are in doubt about the use of the Danida Alumni Network logo then please contact us for advice.

If needed you can find high quality photos of Denmark in the image bank of Visit Denmark.