Find local Danida Alumni Networks

Danida Fellowship Centre supports alumni networks or associations that bring together former Danida fellows in developing and growth countries that Denmark collaborates with.

Local alumni networks have been established in Burkina Faso, China, Colombia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam in collaboration with the respective Danish embassies. The contact details for each of these networks are listed below and you can meet the faces behind one of the local alumni communities in the following film.

We hope others will follow in their footsteps and form local Danida/Denmark Alumni Networks. Should you be inspired to initiate a network in your country, then please take a look at our suggested 7 steps to forming a local alumni network.


BURKINA FASO: Danida Burkina Alumni Network

The alumni team members are:

  • Mr. Alpha Adama Diallo, Coordinator
  • Ms. Clarisse Compaore
  • Mr. Yacouba Cissao

Contact coordinator: Alpha Adama Diallo. Email:

‌‌ CHINA: Denmark-China Alumni Association


‌‌ COLOMBIA: Danida Alumni Network Colombia

Contact: Jaime Andres Peña, Provisional Coordinator. Email:

‌‌ GHANA: Danida Ghana Alumni Network

The following are the members of the Executive Council:

  • Mr Enoch Yeboah Agyepong - Chair
  • Ms Margaret Owusu - Vice Chair
  • Mr Seth Kwabena Amposah - Secretary
  • Mr John Ekow Otoo - Organiser
  • Ms Lydia Otoo - Treasurer

Facebook and LinkedIn

Contacts: Mr. Enoch Yeboah Agyepong. Email:

Mobile: +233(0)244.981.590, Skype: enoch-ya

‌‌ INDONESIA: Indonesia-Denmark Alumni Network (IDAN)

Contact economic & political advisor: Mr. Kasper Helmgaard Rask:

‌‌ KENYA: Danida Kenya Alumni Network

The alumni team members are:

  • Mr. Philip Visendi Lumwamu, Coordinator
  • Mr. Simon Sikawa, Organizing secretary
  • Ms. Brenda Obura, Treasurer
  • Mr. Alex Njugi, Secretary

Contact coordinator: Mr. Philip Visendi Lumwamu. Email:

‌‌ MEXICO: Danida Mexico Alumni Network

Contact person: Ms. Ana Elena Hernández Jaime. Email:

‌‌ NEPAL: Nepal-Denmark Alumni Network

The Secretariat members include:

  • Mr. Gopal Prasad Acharya, Coordinator
  • Mr. Nabin Joshi, Secretary
  • Mrs. Deepjyoti Chapagain, Treasurer

Contact coordinator: Mr Gopal Prasad Acharya. Email:

‌‌ TANZANIA: Danida Tanzania Alumni Network

The alumni team members are:

  • Mr. Mponda Malozo, Coordinator
  • Mr. Frederick Sikay
  • Mr. Lekumok Kironye
  • Ms. Elizabeth Amuli
  • Mr. Fadhili Mbilinyi

Contact coordinator: Mponda Malozo. Email:

‌‌ UGANDA: Danida Uganda Alumni Network

The alumni team members are:

  • Ms Marris Nakayaga, Coordinator
  • Ms Milcah Abasabyona, Coordinator Western region
  • Ms Phyllis Nandutu, Coordinator Eastern region
  • Mr Peter Mugabi, Coordinator Central region
  • Mr Peter Okwoko, Coordinator Northern region 

Contact coordinator: Ms Marris Nakayaga. Email: or

‌‌ VIETNAM: Denmark Vietnam Alumni Network


Mr. Henrik Hjorth, Growth Counselor, Email:

Ms. Tran Huong Giang, Coordinator, Hanoi. Email:

Ms. Ta Thi Thanh Thuy, Coordinator, Ho Chi Minh. Email: