Danida Alumni Network has two main categories of partners; Danish academia og Danish companies and institutions. For everyone the network may serve as a resource pool of highly qualified international professionals with the additional benefit of having insight into Danish culture and values. 

Danish academia
Institutions of higher and further education, which currently or in the past have hosted Danida fellows are highly encouraged to join Danida Alumni Network. Sign up to: 

  • Renew and maintain contacts with Danida fellows
  • Present and profile the institution to attract new international students
  • Present new research initiatives, courses or events to a targeted audience
  • Use the membership-based social media platforms for expert exchange 
  • Use existing contacts to widen international and local networks and connection

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Danish companies
We also encourage Danish companies that either  already working in the growth and developing countries that Denmark collaborate with or that wish to enter the new markets to join the network. Among the advantages are:

  • Contacts to key professionals trained in Denmark for advice on business opportunities and collaboration in emerging markets
  • Access to local decision-makers
  • Sector expertise in local challenges and solutions
  • Knowledge of market structures and dynamics
  • Opportunity to advertise job openings and projects on the alumni portal and on the membership-based social media platforms
  • Present the company or institution profile on the alumni portal and promote events and services

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