What is the Danida Alumni Network?

Danida Alumni Network connects Danida alumni and encourages them to stay in touch with each other and with Denmark. The network’s digital platform, services and activities facilitate connections and collaboration between alumni and relevant stakeholders, including Danish universities, companies, NGOs and public sector institutions.

Danida alumni are current or former Danida fellows, who have pursued Master's or PhD degrees, or completed qualifying courses for professionals arranged by or at Danish institutions of higher and further education. Since the very first Danida fellows came to Denmark in the 1960s, about 24,000 individuals from 120 countries in the Global South have been awarded Danida Fellowships. 
All over the world, Danida alumni take up important positions, holding jobs where they influence and effect change. In different capacities - from doctors and nurses to teachers, professors, judges, government ministers and CEOs - they drive development in a broad spectrum of sectors. 

The majority of Danida alumni have spent time in either Copenhagen or another Danish city as part of their fellowship. They therefore share a unique connection to Denmark, and through social and cultural activities they have established close relationships that transcend professional boundaries, national borders and ethnicity. 

Learn more about Danida alumni here and about eligibility for membership here.

The network’s purpose

The purpose of the Danida Alumni Network is to provide a platform for cross-sector and cross-country connections and knowledge sharing, as part of fostering multidisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems.

Specifically, the network aims to enable alumni to:

  • share professional knowledge and experiences with network members;
  • establish new connections/collaborations within and beyond the alumni networks;
  • use, gain and create new knowledge across sectors, disciplines and borders.

Read more about the central role of the Danida Alumni Network in Danida Fellowship Centre’s current strategy here.

The network’s key stakeholders:

As part of leveraging the network’s diversity and multifaceted potential, the Danida Alumni Network offers an inclusive platform for engaging actors across sectors, disciplines and borders. 

The network’s primary stakeholder groups are:

  • Danida alumni
  • Danish embassies
  • Danish public institutions, academia, private companies and third sector organisations

In addition to these key groups, we also consider public and private sector organisations in Denmark’s partner countries to be important stakeholders of the network. These organisations are most often represented and engaged in alumni activities by virtue of the professional associations of the network’s members and partners.

We warmly invite all Danida alumni to join the Danida Alumni Network.

The Danida Alumni Network was established in 2016 by Danida Fellowship Centre, where a dedicated team  remains responsible for support to its administration and development.