What does the Danida Alumni Network do?

A new strategy for the Danida Alumni Network is currently in development. The network's most recent strategy is nearing completion and is detailed below.

Strategy 2018 - 2020

DFC strengthens and maintains a global online Alumni Network of highly qualified people, who have participated in Danida fellowship programmes, research programmes and other training opportunities provided by Danish private and public development actors and stakeholders. In conjunction with their fellowship, most Danida Alumni have developed a special connection to Denmark through time spent in the country.

The overall goal of the Danida Alumni Network is aligned with the third objective in Danida Fellowship Centre’s 2018 – 2020 strategy:

“Users and providers of knowledge and capacity development support are connected and provided with opportunities to communicate and cooperate”

Strategic focus 

In working towards this goal under the current strategy, the Danida alumni programme will focus its efforts in the following areas:

  • Planning at scale: We will continue our recruitment of network candidates among Danida alumni, many of whom have a unique connection to Denmark - both professionally and emotionally. It is DFC’s assessment that the Danida alumni network would be more attractive for ‘users’, and better placed to truly contribute to public and economic diplomacy and knowledge exchange in Denmark's priority sectors, if other alumni trained in Denmark - or by Danish institutions - were also offered the possibility to join.
  • Expansion of digital and social platforms: Online platforms will be expanded to include Danida alumni as well as other alumni trained in Denmark or by Danish institutions. Initially the focus is on Denmark’s partner countries, where there is a high number of Danida alumni present, and where national networks can be developed with and by this critical mass. Some of the existing national networks already incorporate alumni, who were funded by other sources. This works well and contributes to creating a broader and more inclusive alumni network. A long-term ambition is to expand the alumni network to include a broader segment of international students who have studied in Denmark or been trained by Danish institutions. 
  • Communication and marketing of the network’s added value: Provide and foster an increased understanding of the network's value to alumni, universities, research institutions and public and private enterprises as well as third sector actors. The aim is to strengthen the interest and number of subscribers to the network, both among alumni and other knowledge providers and potential users of this knowledge.
  • National networks of alumni: Establishment and operation of national alumni networks in Denmark’s partner countries. DFC will work with Danish Embassies to identify a model whereby the responsibility and capabilities to facilitate the operation of national networks can be secured either at embassy level, in the network itself, or through a combination of the two.