Danida Alumni Prize 2021

Peter and Olman
Peter Okwoko handing over the Danida Alumni Prize 2021 to Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla

This year Danida Fellowship Centre awarded Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla, Director General at the Center for Economic Policies for Sustainable Development (CINPE), in Costa Rica, the Danida Alumni Prize 2021.

The award ceremony took place on 3 November 2021, at the 17th Globelics conference hosted at Hotel Hilton DoubleTree in San Jose, Costa Rica. Watch the award ceremony here.

Minister of Development Cooperation, Flemming Møller Mortensen, sent a celebratory video greeting to Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla congratulating his efforts while, Danida Fellowship Centre’s Board of Chair, Margrethe Holm Andersen, presented the prize. Read her introductory speech here.

Peter Okwoko, last year’s recipient of the Danida Alumni prize, had traveled from Uganda to Costa Rica to hand over the prize to Dr. Segura-Bonilla and connecting their path, the passion for innovation, green solutions and sustainability. Read his speech here.

Danish Ambassador to Columbia, Erik Høeg, who also covers Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela, paid a tribute to Dr. Segura-Bonilla’s inspiring contribution to Costa Rica being a country in the forefront of sustainable energy and eco-tourism. Read his speech here or watch the video of it here at 1:01:16. 

Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla was awarded the prize for his pioneering and tireless efforts to use innovation and new knowledge as tools of change towards green transition.

Read the motivation to award Dr. Olman Segura-Bonilla the Danida Alumni Prize 2020 and his acceptance speech here.


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