Introducing Ea Elsbøl new Programme Manager

Ea Elsbøl

My name is Ea Elsbøl and I have joined DFC in August 2021 as Programme Manager for the Alumni Programme. I am thrilled to be a part of the Danida Alumni Network team and I very much look forward to working with our many alumni and partners.

My professional life has taken me down many roads. My first professional experience abroad sent me to South Africa, where I was lucky to enjoy the wonders and beauty of Cape Town for a few years. 

I have a master’s degree in Social Work from Aalborg University. Both during my studies and after, I found interest in the people’s centered field. This lead me to ActionAid Denmark, where I was posted to Kenya to manage the national Global Platform programme, which is building the innovative and creative capacity of young people in order to enable them to lead social and political change in their communities. After returning to Denmark I took the role of leading the Global Platforms programme on an international scale in 11 countries. After that I worked with programme management for the Confederation of Danish Industries and for the Danish Family Planning Association.

My previous experience is centered around capacity building and network creation with the aim of strengthening local dialogues and thereby contributing to solutions to global challenges within the SDG’s.

I believe that building solid active communities, partnerships and learning processes is a cornerstone in creating lasting impact and I am always very excited to take part in those journeys. I look forward to working with our alumni and supporting them in a variety of ways.

I live in Central Copenhagen with my 4-year-old son Oscar, and we enjoy spending our spare time in Bornholm, where I was born and raised close to nature.

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