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From culture shock to improved self confidence 

Collins Duodu Prah, Ghana. PhD studies 2014-15 at Technical University of Denmark, DTU. PhD student, 2014-17, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

I was completely shocked barely a week after my arrival in Denmark when my Danish supervisor asked me not to call him by his first name, not his title. But it bridged a huge gap of tension and helped to build my self-confidence. It developed my thinking and approach in issue solving.

A study environment that imitates achievements in the real world

Edouard Mensah, Benin. Master, University of Copenhagen. Junior Fellow (Gender Innovation Lab) The World Bank, Washington

I was first shocked by the fact that there were student group projects in mostly all courses, and that one's grade depends on group performance more than on individual performance. I later got used to it.I realized how this imitated achievements in the real world.

The Danish experience will stay with me forever

Margaret Owusu, Ghana. PhD, University of Copenhagen. Head of Division, Microbiology and Mushroom Research: CSIR-Food Research Institute.

My three years experience in Denmark is one that will live with me for life. The experience was eye-opening as I learnt a lot socially and culturally aside my academic learning.

Family of highly professional fellows

Festival Godwin Boateng, Ghana. Master, Roskilde University. PhD Student, RMIT University, Australia.

My Danish experience was awesome. Danes are beautiful people, even though initially not open. The language is quite hard to learn, but it is not a huge problem because almost every Dane speaks English. Denmark is a very orderly society and I loved the clean air.