Danida Alumni Network’s activity grants are off to a great start

Workshops in Gulu, Uganda teaching kids about waste management

As a new initiative to boost local alumni activities the Danida Fellowship Centre has begun offering activity grants to members of the Danida Alumni Network. The first activity has already taken place in Uganda and it was a great success.

By Josias S. Juliussen

The activity grants are for projects benefiting local communities and the alumni network in general. Earlier this year we received twenty applications, seven of which  were awarded a grant of up to DKK 10,000. Waste management in Gulu, Uganda
Peter Okwoko teaching kids about waste management at a school in Gulu, Uganda

The Ugandan alum Peter Okwoko’s initiative, AfriGreen Sustain in Gulu, was one of the projects to be awarded a grant.  It included a series of workshops about solid waste management.

The activities took place recently in four different schools in Gulu Municipality. Through creative learning and educational training, the children and young adults were taught how to recycle waste, make it into something useful and understand the damaging effects that plastic in particular has on the environment.

Eco-clubs and hip-hop
MC Wangjok, a local hip-hop artist and motivational speaker, a well-known figure in Northern Uganda, was also involved in the project. His reputation and popularity made him the ideal person to speak directly to the young target audience and get the intended message across.

The outcome of the activities was the establishment of eco-clubs that will continue the waste management activities in the schools and hopefully beyond.

Waste management in Gulu, Uganda
The young team of local entrepreneurs and Danida alumni held workshops at four schools around Gulu

Great example
27-year-old Peter Okwoko studied in Denmark from 2015 to 2017, completing his Master’s degree in Innovative Communication Technologies & Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. As a member of the Danida Alumni Network, he is part of a unique global network of skilled professionals trained in Denmark with the common goal of contributing to global development.

Working alongside Peter on this project were fellow Danida alum Olok Tabo Geoffrey, currently a PhD student at Aalborg University, and Dr Odama Stephen, a former PhD student also at Aalborg University.

The project in Gulu is a great example of how continued partnerships among Danida alumni can lead to new and inspiring activities that benefit local communities and the Danida Alumni Network as a whole.

Next call for activity grants
We are really looking forward to seeing the results of the other six projects that were awarded grants. You can read more about them here

The call for the next round of activity grants issued by the Danida Alumni Network is expected to be announced in late June 2018.

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