OECD – Education at a Glance

The OECD publication “Education at a Glance” provides information on the state of education around the world, including patterns of international student mobility.

According to the 2015 edition, the number of foreign tertiary student enrolled worldwide increased by 50% during 2005-2012. The demand for higher education and the perceived value of studying abroad contribute to an increasing and diversified flow of international students.

Governments and educational institutions compete to attract foreign students to foster the educational value associated with a diverse student environment and the revenues that associated with the expanding education to international students.

One key economic consideration for countries hosting international students is, according to OECD, that these students can later become high-skilled workers.

Despite the risk of “brain drain” many developing countries sponsor a number of international students in the hope that at least some will return and contribute to the development of their home country, as well as establishing linkages between the host and home country – so called “drain circulation”. Read more click here.