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New Danida Fellowship Centre strategy 2021-25


Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2019. Photo: Vibeke Quaade

I am happy and proud to kick-start 2021 with the launch of Danida Fellowship Centre’s new strategy for 2021-25.

It is born as the outcome of an intense nine months of creative consultation within the Danida Fellowship Centre, with our Board and with many partners in Denmark and around the world. Nine months of meetings, inspirational webinars, drafts and revisions.

While some of the ideas and visions in the strategy are new, the majority have grown from lessons learned over time. Lessons which we have developed further, refined and finally described in our strategy document.

Read Danida Fellowship Centre’s 2021-25 strategy 

Knowledge needs to be shared and transformed into action
Sharing knowledge is essential for finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us today. Sharing knowledge and transforming knowledge into action, however, does not happen by itself. It requires a concerted effort.

Therefore, we will focus on how the skills and capacities we support can be transformed into action in all our activities, and, consequently, we have named our new strategy Knowledge in Action. 

What is new?
We will invest more in integrated learning programmes that support wider change. This will include a greater focus on tailored preparation and follow-up than before; on “learning packages” for potential key change agents; and on strengthening links between action planning and ongoing change processes. We will invest in more blended learning and online approaches as part of strengthening our support to peer-to-peer learning, networking, and knowledge sharing.

For participants in research programmes, we will build on trainings such as our Bridging the Gap – Science for the Public seminars, in which researchers and journalists collaborate on how to communicate research results to the public. Advocacy to influence policy makers and best practices for engaging with stakeholders are training topics we will explore further in the years to come.

The Danida Alumni Network provides a platform through which members can continue to exchange ideas and knowhow long after completing their DFC learning programme or research project. We will strengthen the opportunities we provide for network members to share their experience of transforming knowledge they have gained into action – in order to share examples of best practice and inspire others.

We will pilot a series of new Knowledge in Action trainings and exchanges, in which DFC will provide a platform for our many partners to come together to share knowledge across sectors, disciplines and borders. In the pipeline are also Knowledge in Action labs, in which participants will define, test and document sustainable solutions to shared challenges.

We will have a greater focus on green solutions and on inclusiveness and diversity. And, we will provide training on what we consider to be essential drivers of change, namely innovation, networking and communication.

We are excited to begin the implementation of our strategy. All suggestions and ideas on how, together, we can become better at transforming knowledge into action are very welcome.

Ulla Næsby Tawiah
Director, Danida Fellowship Centre

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