Meet Josias: DAN's new Alumni Programme Officer

Josias Soleil Juliussen


I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I attended school for both classical music and performing arts. It was at this early stage in life that I first experienced was it means to actually work outside of Denmark. As a young boy I toured as a singer in Copenhagen Boys Choir performing at cathedrals and concert venues around most of Europe. It definitely taught me something about discipline and teamwork and without knowing it at the time my continuous interest in cultural encounters and in some way public diplomacy was born all the way back then. 

Copenhagen Opera House
Here I am (in the top left corner) with the National Danish Performance Team and among others, Mette Bock, Minister of Culture, after a performance at the Royal Danish Opera House, Copenhagen may 2017 - Vibeke Green/DGI

Almost 20 years later I would tour the world again. This time as Press Officer for the National Danish Performance Team – a group of elite gymnasts and dancers from Denmark who travels the globe performing shows and workshops to promote and teach kids and adults alike about the benefits of non-competitive sport and leading an active lifestyle. I worked alongside Danish embassies, local representatives and news media to secure the success of the strenuous and exciting world tour. Two years, 14 countries and five continents later, with a pit stop in Brussels working with EU-related projects and communications efforts, I landed back home in Copenhagen at the Danida Fellowship Centre working with Lene Mosegaard and Vibeke Quaade to expand the Danida Alumni Networks around the world.

Looking back at my past experiences this feels like the perfect place to utilize all that I have learned and to evolve with the tasks and skills this new position and wonderful new colleagues will provide me with.

Some of my most important responsibilities as Programme Officer at Danida Alumni Network it to ensure a significant growth in the numbers of both networks around the world and former fellows joining our online alumni-universe.

I am very excited about the prospects and possibilities of Danida Alumni Network and my involvement in what looks to be a very interesting new journey for me.

South Korea

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