A unique global network


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Danida Alumni; a unique global network of current and former Danida fellows, who have been granted a study stay in Denmark at Master's and PhD level, or have completed qualifying courses for professionals of higher and further education.

About 20,000 Danida fellows
Since the very first Danida fellows came to Denmark in the 1960s about 2,000 students from Danida's partnership countries have been granted a study stay at a Danish institution of higher learning at Master's and PhD level.

In addition, about 18,000 students from Danida's partner countries have attended short-term courses of three to eight weeks as Danida fellows.

Common for all fellows is their connection to Danida Fellowship Centre. Many fellows have stayed at the Danida Fellowship Centre hostel. Through social and cultural activities they have established close relations and friendship that transcend nationalities and professional boundaries.

Global network of highly qualified professionals
To keep in touch and to network and advance research and career opportunities a Danida Alumni Network has been the expressed wish of former and current Danida fellows for years.

We are therefore thrilled to launch the Danida Alumni Network.

The potential of a global network of this kind is extraordinary; for the individual alumni, for Danish institutes of higher learning, for Danish business, and for Danish embassies and their local partners.

It is our wish that everyone will make use of the alumni network consisting of highly educated experts, peers and friends that besides their professional qualifications are well acquainted with Danish culture and values professionally and socially.

First phase
We are thinking big, but starting small by building the Danida Alumni Network in phases, step by step.

In the first part of 2016 we start by inviting current and former Danida fellows, who have been granted a study stay in Denmark at Master's and PhD level to be part of the network.

At a later stage in 2016 we plan to expand the network to include Danida fellows, who have attended short-term courses in Denmark. See our roadmap click here 

Furthermore, during the first phase local alumni networks groups will be established as pilot projects in Ghana and Vietnam.

We know that many former Danida fellows in other countries would like to start and join a local Danida Alumni network.

Based on the experience we gain in Ghana and Vietnam we will evaluate how best to support other local Danida Alumni networks.

However, if you want to set up your own local Danida Alumni network right now we have listed 10 steps for you to follow as a starting point click here.

We will be happy if you will share your experiences with us alumni@dfcentre.dk

Second phase
In the second part of 2016 we will take initiative to Alumni network activities and events.

Three to four times a year we will publish a newsletter. It will include portrait articles, news about events or networking stories. You will automatically receive the newsletter as a member of the Danida Alumni Network.

In addition, we will seek to build partnerships and increase our fundraising efforts to finance the next steps.

Sign up
To become member of the Danida Alumni Network click here 

When you have signed up you may also want to join the closed Danida Alumni Network Facebook Group or LinkedIn Grouo. You have to be registered at the Danida Alumni Network to be accepted at the Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.  

Share your stories
You are welcome to suggest ideas for articles or for other relevant information that you want to share at the Danida Alumni Network alumni@dfcentre.dk.

We will contact you within 14 days, if we will follow up your suggestion. If you do not hear from us, you are always welcome to contact us again with new ideas.

We urge everyone to spread the news about the Danida Alumni and encourage other former and current Danida fellows, who have been granted a study stay in Denmark at Master's and PhD level, or have completed qualifying courses for professionals of higher and further education to join it.

The Danida Alumni Network is administered by Danida Fellowship Centre.

Welcome – and stay in touch.


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