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Dr Phan Thi Van to receive the Danida Alumni Prize 2019

Associate Professor Dr Phan Thi Van is awarded the Danida Alumni Prize for her ambition, drive and tireless promotion of scientific research in the sustainable development of aquaculture, both within and outside her home country of Vietnam.

Alumni portrait

Seth Aning started his financial career at Standard Chartered Bank in 2007. Four years later he left Accra to pursue an MBA at Copenhagen Business School - a decision that would not only accelerate Seth's career, but also alter his view of the corporate world and his role within it.


Re-connecting with old friends, and an inspiring story, in India

Fond memories were shared and eyes opened to an astonishing success story, as we re-connected with the dynamic Ms Mangalam Balasubramanian of Chennai and the driving force behind one of the DANIDA programmes that brought hundreds of women from India to Denmark. Danida Fellowship Centre is on a quest to re-connect with these remarkable Danida alumni in India.

Danida Alumni Activity Grants - Call for Proposals

The latest call for applications for Danida Alumni Activity Grants is now open! Proposed activities must aim at strengthening the local alumni community, whilst they can also focus on contributing to sustainable development and/or collaboration with Denmark. All members of the Danida Alumni Network are invited to apply via our new online application system before 19 August 2019.

Alumni testimonials

Sahar Soufan, Program Officer, The Danish House in Palestine. Participated in the learning programme “A Human Rights Based Approach to Development Programming”, 2017

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Danida Alumni Network
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Danida alumni are current or former Danida fellows, who have pursued Master's or PhD degrees, or completed qualifying courses for professionals arranged by or at Danish institutions of higher and further education.

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