How to start your local Danida Alumni Network

If you're interested in starting your own local Danida Alumni network, the 7 steps below are intended as an inspiration: 

  1. Find other enthusiastic Danida alumni: together you will form a Coordinating Committee/ Board to facilitate a local alumni network
  2. Define the alumni network's objectives
  3. Write a short strategic plan click here
  4. Develop a concrete action plan which focuses on recruitment of members and activities that can be explored and expanded. 
  5. Contact an existing alumni network for advice for example in Ghana or Vietnam click here
  6. Contact the Danish embassy in your country (if there is one) and invite them to become a partner, e.g. as an external advisor or an Honorary Board Member
  7. Find potential members of your Danida Alumni Network through the Danida Fellowship Alumni Directory click here (only open for Danida Alumni Network members)

Please contact us via if you want help from Danida Fellowship Center to work with others to build an alumni network.