Danida Alumni Activity Grants - Call for Applications


After a successful first round of alumni activity grants resulting in the support to seven different activities proposed by members of Danida Alumni Network, we are inviting applications under this second Call for Applications.

The deadline of the Call is 20 August 2018 at 12:00 PM (CEST) and applications are only accepted if submitted using the online application form below.   

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of their applications at the latest four weeks after the deadline.

Why activity grants?

As a member of the Danida Alumni Network you are part of a unique global network of skillful professionals trained in Denmark with a common goal to contribute to global development.

DFC would like to support you in staying in touch and join forces with other alumni members to provide opportunities for you to continue making a positive impact in your community or professional field. We also wish to strengthen your relations to Denmark and for you to continue being an ambassador for Denmark. Organizing events with and for Danida alumni in your region is a great way of strengthening your professional network, including possibilities to expand it by including relevant Danish stakeholders.

Who can apply and for what?

DFC offers activity grants to Danida alumni who are accepted as members of the Danida Alumni Network as well as the local Danida Alumni Network in your country (if such exist).

You can apply for a grant with financial support of up to 9,000 Danish Kroner for an alumni activity or event within the following categories:

  1. Activities or events that strengthen the local alumni community
  2. Activities  that promote networking and collaboration between your country and Denmark
  3. Activities  that promote sustainable development by addressing one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals

The activities could be seminars, lectures, study visits, exhibitions, fairs, networking, charity, and social events. It should be observed that contribution to strengthening the local alumni community must be part of all activities/events, i.e. while category 1 activities can stand alone, category 2 and 3 activities must also include category 1. Activities with smaller budgets than 9,000 Danish Kroner are also encouraged. Applications for funding a trip to a conference or similar will not be considered.

The conditions for receiving a Danida Alumni Activity Grant

If you have an idea for an activity or event find out if there is a local Danida alumni network in your region/country. If such a network has already been established, start by contacting this network in order to coordinate your activity with other alumni activities.

Find one or two other Danida alumni and develop the proposal together. We prioritize activities with at least two organizing alumni members.

Activities/events may or may not be open for the general public and include external partners, but it is a precondition that all alumni in your country/region should be encouraged to participate. In case of limited space for alumni participants; the principle of “first come, first served” should be applied.

If awarded a grant, you should inform the Danish Embassy or Consulate (if any) in your country and possibly invite a representative to attend the event.

It is the responsibility of the organizing team to ensure that the activity is widely publicized to attract participants. Furthermore, an invitation is to be posted on the Danida Alumni Facebook page and LinkedIn Group well in advance of the event. After the event photos and videos etc. are to be shared on the same platforms.

In connection with all public communication concerning the event, it must be stated that the grant has been provided by DFC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Your activity should not be scheduled to start earlier than eight weeks after the application deadline to allow time for the grant applications to be processed and grants to be confirmed.

The activity must be implemented within six months from the award of a possible grant.

Selection criteria and process

A committee at DFC will select the applications which will be awarded with a grant based on the following criteria: 

  • How well the activity responds to and comply with the requirements of the Call
  • How the activity/event will contribute to strengthening the local alumni community
  • Value for money including reaching out to a broad number of participants
  • Co-funding from other financial contributors (including Danida alumni)

DFC reserves the right in the selection to consider a diverse selection of activities, and wide-ranging subject matters aimed at varied target groups in as many different countries/regions as possible.

Eligible costs & budget requirements

The amount applied for in DKK must be indicated in the application form and the costs must be broken down and quoted in the relevant budget lines. The grant may be used to cover only eligible costs included in the budget submitted with the application. The grant does not allow double coverage of any of the expenses.

The budget may include:

  • Hire of venue(s)  
  • Food, snacks and drinks
  • Supplies for the event
  • Payment of external key-note speaker, lecturer, expert or similar (commensurate with their regular salary level)
  • Communication cost
  • Small fee for management

Note that only 1/3 of the budget can be used for logistic cost and management.

Co-funding from other sources for the activity is strongly encouraged. If a grant is awarded, the main applicant must submit a disbursement request to DFC. The form will be provided by DFC.

Grant management, accounting, and reporting

The applicant will be responsible for managing the grant, including ensuring that:

  • The approved activity is carried out
  • The outputs are achieved
  • The grant is used exclusively for the approved activity and expenses
  • The present guidelines are followed
  • The deadlines set for reporting and submitting accounts are met

All expenditures must be effectuated within the approved period of the activity, as outlined in the application.

Within one month after the completion of the activity, the following has to be submitted electronically to DFC:

  • Completion report (explaining how the activity has led to the anticipated outputs)
  • Financial accounts, including scanned copies of vouchers (specifying the use of funds - unspent funds will have to be returned)  
  • Final programme
  • List of participants
  • Photos and if relevant videos from the event.  

Should the reporting and accounts not be submitted on time to DFC, it will be considered a violation of the conditions for the provision and use of the grant and the applicant may be requested to return the funds provided under the grant.

Please submit the completed application form to alumni@dfcentre.dk no later than 20 August 2018 at 12:00 PM (CEST)

If you have any questions, please contact Programme Officer, Mr. Josias Soleil Juliussen on jj@dfcentre.dk

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