Activity Grant Reports 2020


Community Awareness Program on Managing Risk in the Face of Climate Change

This activity was organised in response to the impact of climate change on Ghana’s Ketu South District, where most coastal communities are confronted with increasing coastal erosion, tidal waves and flooding due to rising sea levels and heavy downpours. The alumni arranged both a stakeholder consultation and community event to discuss solutions to and raise awareness of these challenges. Read more here.


Serve Safe and Enough Food for School Children

A team of alumni in Tanzania organized an initiative in the Konda District of Dodoma region as part of a larger effort to minimize losses from post-grain harvesting. Specifically, the ambition of this project was to improve the safety and quantity of food made available to school children through an emphasis on postharvest management. Read more here.


Cross-interfaith Dialogue on Sustainability: From Faith to Action

The webinar dialogue series was organized to raise awareness and tie up collaboration among Danida  alumni, local cross-interfaith communities and environmental organization on environmental issues and SDGs with a community based approach. Read more here and listen to the series of webinars in the videos below: 

Webinar I: From Faith to Action

Webinar II: Less Waste, Minimalism, and Circular Economy

Webinar III: Into The Forest

Webinar IV: Farming and Faith


Improving access to medicines and healthcare services for patients with diabetes type 2

This online activity was organised to generate knowledge exchange between health professionals from Denmark and Mexico both within the public and private sector. The topics covered was e.g. realities for the patients who live with diabetes mellitus type 2, guide lines for patients treatments with insulins, and multidisciplinary models of attention for patients. As well of the point of view from Norvo Nordic from the private sector, that talked about the history of insulin and the reality of treatments. See the programme and list of impressive speakers here and listen to the two webinars with simultaneous translation in the videos below:

Webinar l: Insulins: Myths and realities 

Webinar ll: Multidisciplinary approaches in type 2 diabetes

Webinar l and ll: Short video