Activity grant reports

Science for girls in Ghana
DFC would like to support you in staying in touch and join forces with other alumni members to provide opportunities for you to continue making a positive impact in your community or professional field. We also wish to strengthen your relations to Denmark and for you to continue being an ambassador for Denmark. Organizing events with and for Danida alumni in your region is a great way of strengthening your professional network, including possibilities to expand it by including relevant Danish stakeholders.

We therefore offers activity grants 2 - 3 times a year to Danida alumni who are accepted as members of the  Danida Alumni Network  as well as the local Danida Alumni Network in your country (if such exist) for an alumni activity or event within the following categories:

  1. Activities or events that strengthen the local alumni community
  2. Activities  that promote networking and collaboration between your country and Denmark
  3. Activities  that promote sustainable development by addressing one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals

Below you find activity reports after a successful first round of alumni activity grants resulting in the support to seven very different activities. It is our hope that the activity reports can serve as an inspiration to start up activities as well as looking out for other funding possibilities than the Danida Activity Grant with regards to our limited funding possibilities. 

Uganda: ECO schools – pilot on waste management for school children in GULU

Danida Alumni Network (Uganda) in partnership with Afrigreen Sustain, a waste management company in Uganda held waste management activities across 4 schools in Gulu Municipality. The target participants were pupils from primary five to primary seven (age 10-12) and their teachers. More than 1000 pupils from the 4 schools attended the workshops. Read more here

Uganda: Bi-annual Danida alumni plant clinic 

Danida alumni and one sub county agricultural extension officer attended to over 70 farmers who had brought sick plant samples for examination and treatment. The Danida alumni (plant doctors) closely observed the sick plants, inquired about the plant and field history and then offered the consulting farmers advice on how to prevent and control the presented constraints. The crops that were brought for consultation were majorly; coffee, banana, maize, cassava, beans, cabbages and ground nuts. Read more here

Ghana: 2-Day Science and Technology seminar series for females in first cycle institutions

Danida Alumni together with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) held a two-day science and technology seminar for 56 young girls and their teachers. The participants came from selected public junior high schools. The goal of the seminar was to generate the interest of the girls in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and motivate them to higher heights in their academic pursuits. Read more here

Kenya: Networking event for women in management among Danida alumni

The main objective of coming together was net-working, sharing and providing information for women empowerment  to make women better at business and hence empowered economically. Read more here

Kenya: Capacity building workshop on climate change

Members were sensitized on Climate change issues and encouraged to interact and update the world on the ongoing projects to enhance strategic partnership especially with other DANIDA alumni who are not necessarily part of RCE Greater Nairobi. All members were encouraged to become active change agents for mitigation against Climate Change and general Environmental Conservation. Read more here

Nepal: Role of Nepalese Universities in addressing Sustainable Development Goals

The main aim of the workshop program was  to uncover the agendas of Nepalese Universities, Government Stakeholders and Diplomatic agencies in addressing issues of Quality Education and Gender Equality under SDGs. Read more here

Benin: Establishment and launch of a local alumni network

The aim of the Danida Alumni Day was to share how Danida former fellows from different fields of expertise can contribute to the development of Benin, as well discuss strategies for an alumni network and to increase membership. Read more here