Vision and mission

The alumni network is actively used and contributes to capacity development in a  broader sense with mutual benefits for both the global South and Denmark.

Facilitate and maintain links and partnerships between the alumni and relevant Danish institutions through interactive networks involving Embassies, higher education institutions, private companies and other relevant partners.

Danida Alumni is set up to:

Establish professional and social networks within and across countries. To generate the sharing of experience and ideas within and across countries, sectors and/or study areas.

Provide a platform for assessing programme results through beneficiary feedback and improve programmes based thereon.

Ensure stronger visibility of Danida’s results and achievements through alumni events, media coverage, or the publication of programme assessments.

Further Denmark's public and economic diplomacy.

Provide opportunities for networking between Danida alumni and Danish companies on innovative and sustainable business solutions, potentially as part of Danida’s private sector programmes.