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So far, four local Danida Alumni Networks and two Denmark Alumni Networks have been launched with more in the pipeline. In this feel-good video, you can meet some of the faces and forces behind the network in Burkina Faso.

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When Hazem Hafez Ragab received an email that urged him to apply for a Danida Fellowship and a full-time MBA, he thought it was a hoax. But it was real, and the MBA made him realize that leadership starts with self-awareness.


The Danida Alumni Prize 2018 goes to Dr Cheikh Mbow

Dr. Cheikh Mbow, Executive Director of the Washington based organisation START International, is this year’s receiver of the Danida Alumni Prize. He was a Danida fellow from 1997 to 2000 at the University of Copenhagen where he did a PhD in remote sensing in forestry management.

Acceptance Speech Danida Alumni Prize, Cheikh Mbow

Twenty years ago, in August 1997, I landed in Kastrup Airport in Copenhagen for my very first travel to Europe. I came to Denmark as a Danida fellow under the ENRECA (Enhancement of Research Capacity) program with a mind very concerned about how to manage the tension between a new Western Life and my African roots.

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Jamal Jamaludin, Indonesia, Short Course, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Lecturer of Interior Design department, Itenas Bandung

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Danida alumni are current or former Danida fellows, who have pursued Master's or PhD degrees, or completed qualifying courses for professionals arranged by or at Danish institutions of higher and further education.

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