Connecting Danida alumni in professional online forums

Takataka.Plastics.Staff picture

Danida Fellowship Centre invites Danida alumni change makers to facilitate online webinars for fellow alumni and their Danish partners. The forum topics address one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in the power of cross-sector collaboration and knowledge sharing. We always encourage our fellows and partners to share experiences and expertise across industries and disciplines. This is why we have initiated online forums for alumni and partners. The purpose is to share knowledge about different ways of tackling the SDGs and thereby inspire one another. Learning from peers and colleagues may very well lead to new ideas and innovations. 

Each webinar features presentations by alumni speakers from a range of professional backgrounds. The topics may range from curbing violence against women, how to use coconut waste as a resource, how to produce face shields from recycled plastic bottles and tackling Mexico’s diabetes epidemic. The speakers turn the spotlight on a topic that they are passionate about, are working with or have spent years researching.

We started out last month with Peter Okwoko and his colleague Paige Balcom who make face shields from recycled plastic bottles in Gulu, Uganda.

Look out for coming webinars at the Danida Alumni Network website and our social media platforms.

If you are an alumni and you are interested in facilitating a webinar, please send an email to the DAN team with a short description of the topics you would like to present:

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.


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